Anarchist Essays

Essay #9: Dani Spinosa, ‘Theft on the Ground Floor’

March 22, 2021

In this essay, Dani Spinosa reads the contemporary campus as a non-place for the precarious labourer. She considers the role of labour relations and the remote teaching of the pandemic to consider how and where the precariat can work against this dislocation. 

Dani Spinosa is adjunct faculty at three different institutions in southern Ontario, Canada. She is the Managing Editor of the Electronic Literature Directory, a Fellow of the Electronic Literature Organization, and a co-founding editor of the feminist micropress Gap Riot. She is the author of Anarchists in the Academy (U of Alberta P, 2018) and OO: Typewriter Poems (Invisible Publishing, 2020). Her recent work considers feminist and anarchist themes in contemporary avant-garde and visual poetry, including studies of revisionist mythmaking and materialities of digital literary texts. 

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