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Essay #24: Vittorio Frigerio, ‘Anarchism and Literature in France: A Complex Love Affair‘

November 1, 2021

In this essay, Vittorio Frigerio explores the often-fraught relationship between anarchism and the literary milieu in France, starting with a discussion of Proudhon’s opinions on literature and the place given to serialized novels in his newspapers, and presenting some of the many publications where writers and militants crossed paths, up until the Second World War.  

Vittorio Frigerio is Emeritus Professor of French at Dalhousie University (Halifax, N.S., Canada). He is the author of the recent book Nous nous reverrons aux barricades. Les feuilletons des journaux de Proudhon (1848-1850) (Grenoble : UGA, 2021), as well as of several others on anarchism and literary creation, including La littérature de l’anarchisme. Anarchistes de lettres et lettrés face à l’anarchie (Grenoble : ELLUG, 2014). Click here for more information on his activities. 
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