Anarchist Essays

Essay #22: Jim Yeoman, ‘Anarchy on Two Wheels‘

October 4, 2021

In this essay, Jim Yeoman explores the intersection of anarchism and cycling, through the case study of Amsterdam's Provo movement of the mid-1960s. Yeoman focuses on the portrayal of the group's White Bicycle Plan in the British magazine Anarchy, revealing conflicted attitudes to this eclectic example of direct action, with resonances in leftist attitudes to groups such as Critical Mass and Extinction Rebellion. 

Jim Yeoman is an independent researcher, whose previous research has concentrated on the anarchist movement in Spain. His recent publications include his book Print Culture and the Formation of the Anarchist Movement in Spain (Routledge, 2019; soon to be released as a paperback with AK Press), and his introduction and annotation to Slava Faybysh's translation of Leopoldo Bonafulla, The July Revolution: Barcelona 1909 (AK Press, 2021). With Danny Evans, Jim co-hosts the radical history podcast ABC With Danny and Jim.

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