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Essay #20: Emma Brown Dewhurst, ‘Recovering Redemption: Maximus the Confessor, Anarchism, and their Importance for Christian Ethics’

August 23, 2021

In this essay, Emma Brown Dewhurst discusses the relevance and importance of anarchist theory for reorientating Christian ethics, especially in relation to the theology of St Maximus the Confessor. Love as alleviating suffering, and vice as greed are discussed, along with some reflections on how churches should have more in common with anarchist interests than the oppressive states they have traditionally supported.

Emma Brown Dewhurst is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, specialising in Greek Patristic and Byzantine Theology and its relevance for contemporary ethics. Their most recent publications are "The Absence of Sex and Gender in Early Byzantine Theology" and "On the Soul and the Cyberpunk Future: St Macrina, St Gregory of Nyssa and Contemporary Mind/Body Dualism", and on the topic of anarchism and theology: "To Each According to their Needs: Anarchist Praxis as a Resource for Byzantine Theological Ethics". Their twitter handle is @BrownDewhurst and they can also be reached through their personal website.

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